“What is my purpose?”

“Why am I here?”

These are questions I hear a lot. And it makes sense! A life without meaning is rather empty.

But it’s kind of a lot of pressure, right? Discovering one’s purpose…as in…your whole reason for being here?

That’s heavy.

I would like to offer you a practical way to approach this question. But first, a couple of important points to keep in mind…

First, maybe your purpose changes over time.

Maybe, right now, your purpose is to parent. Yet, ten years ago, your purpose was to explore your independence. Maybe in the future, your purpose will be to develop your undiscovered gift of writing. And all of this adds up to the work your soul came here to do.

That would mean that sitting peacefully where you are, right now, is exactly what you are supposed to be doing – in acceptance, without resistance.

That brings up my second point…maybe your purpose isn’t always sexy. Daily life often isn’t. But you can’t know the infinite ways in which you are growing and progressing along your path, and contributing to the greater good, even when life is dull or unsexy.

But your spirit knows. It chose this path for you in wisdom.

Now, try connecting with your intuition for further insight to this question…

1) Get quiet. You already have within you the answer to any question you could ask.

2) Practice taking a few minutes to slow down, follow your breath, and center.

3) When you feel a stillness grow within…simply ask, “What is my purpose?” Wait for an answer. It may come today, tomorrow, or next year. But keep asking.

4) Have a light heart. Your intuition will guide you to the next best step in any area of your life. But it’s much harder to receive that guidance when you are weighed down with doubt, fear, or frustration.

Know that you are where you are supposed to be and your path is unfolding in perfection (even when it’s not especially fun).

Read this again: Your path is perfect.

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