(Short answer: No.)

People regularly tell me that they are intrigued by intuition, psychics, tarot readings, and the like, but they don’t want to participate because they are afraid. They think they’ll learn something scary or get bad news. Or be haunted by a malevolent being. So I thought I’d address these concerns.

There are a few points to consider…

When we get a psychic or tarot reading, we receive insight into all sorts of issues, such as work, relationships, and the like. And for psychic or mediumship sessions, we can communicate with those who have crossed over.

(While I have gotten messages relevant to deceased loved ones in tarot, I think this is less common in this format. Tarot, in my experience, is usually directly related to the person receiving the reading – you can’t ask for a reading about someone else.)

Might you hear something unpleasant or that you just don’t want to be true? Yes. I’ve been reading tarot for over fifteen years, and trust me, there have been times when I’ve wanted to throw my cards away because I didn’t like what they were telling me. This may not be fun or encouraging, but it is life. Sometimes we have unpleasant experiences.

The thing about getting a heads up in a reading, though, is just that…you become aware and are then in a better position to change that outcome. Because in most cases, the future can be changed. Our circumstances and surrounding energies can be shifted when we anchor into greater awareness and deliberation. When this has happened to me, even when I couldn’t change the outcome, I was better prepared to respond to the circumstance since I wasn’t caught off guard.

In the case of tarot, there are unpleasant or “scary” cards for sure. For instance, there is a Death card (or a version of it, depending on your deck). But when this card comes up – and I’ve gotten it many, many times – it doesn’t mean you are going to die. I’m not writing this post from the beyond. It means that you are undergoing a major transformation, like the death of an old way of being. That may not be easy, but it is a vital part of life.

And here’s the thing: It’s going to happen whether you get that reading or not. But having the heads up will empower you to better deal with the circumstance.

I strongly suspect we don’t receive any information that doesn’t serve our highest good and that we cannot act upon or change.

As far as opening a door to creepy spirits or energies:

I believe that if we sit in the intention of peace, love, divine light, we are protected. And a good reader will set up that “safe space” regardless.

The universe operates on vibration – we attract what we are. If you set the intention for supportive messages and energies to come through, that is what you will receive.

So go ahead! Contact me if you want a tarot reading!

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