Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that focuses on aligning our personal energy with the natural energies of the Earth as they manifest in our living and working spaces. These energies are universal, and can either work with us or against us to achieve growth and improvement in our lives. The difference depends on us.

Our experiences are made up of three types of “luck,” according to the philosophy of feng shui. The first is Heaven luck, which means the aspects of our lives that we are born with, such as karma and life contracts. We have less control over this luck. The second is our Human luck, including our intentions, personal vibration, and decisions and choices. We have a lot of control over this aspect of our experience. The third is Earth luck – this is feng shui, the interplay of our surroundings and our own personal energy. Although we may not be able to control all aspects of this – such as inauspicious characteristics of the neighborhood we live in – we can consciously arrange our homes and work spaces so that they support our health, abundance, relationships, and goals.

Feng shui allows us to free up the movement of energy both into and throughout our homes, creating spacious environments.  Considering furniture arrangement, lighting, decor and more, we can take control of our spaces and open up to new levels of expansion.

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