The Modern Witch’s Way to Abundance

Go from self-doubt, burn out, and checked out…to a powerful, magical sorceress and love your life with these simple mindset shifts – and make 2022 the year you step into your wonderful witchiness!

Are you a sad witch wondering where your confidence ran off to….

…and feeling uninspired, unfulfilled, and lost in your busy life?

…craving deeper connection, joy, and magic…but don’t know where to find it?

…at the mercy of schedules, circumstances, and other people’s demands?

…depressed, anxious, or just bored out of your gourd…like you are never going to have the life you want?

I got you…and it’s okay! Even the witchiest woman loses her sparkle sometimes.

It’s okay to feel uninspired. It’s okay to feel anxious. It’s even okay to not be the biggest fan of your life right now.

On one condition…That you accept that you have the POWER to change things for the better.

This magic already lives within you. It’s just waiting to be discovered.

What ISN’T okay is for you to give up on YOU.

You are no one’s victim.

You are a badass sorceress who just needs to find her wand!

Hi I am….Carrie Pitzulo, Nerd Witch Supreme

I have a Ph.D. in women’s history and have taught hundreds of students over nearly 20 years. After spending a career generating and sharing knowledge of women’s past, I’ve shifted to applying that knowledge to women’s present.

As the founder of Ancient Magic, Modern Living, a program of energetic, intuitive, and spiritual empowerment, I now teach women how to overcome feeling uninspired, unhappy, and decidedly unmagical (or so they think), to become shining, empowered, magical manifesters…all while being grounded in the real world.

Creating a life I love has really hinged on not giving two f*cks about what other people, or mainstream culture, defines as appropriate success or fulfillment. Now, “having it all” means feeling spiritually connected, adventuring with my daughter, and, at least sometimes, experiencing silence so still I can feel it in my body.

Introducing The Modern Witch’s Way to Abundance 

Unlike how the fluffy woo-woo gurus have taught you the Law of Attraction, The Modern Witch’s Way is down-to-earth, relatable, and usable for anyone (yes, even YOU!).

✵ Are you ready for a happier life with more ease, flow, and connection…but without lots of extra work?

✵ The Modern Witch’s Way to Abundance is THE ONLY system that can take you from feeling lost and worn out…to productive, powerful, and creative.

✵ It is MUCH more affordable than other programs (which are usually at least $1K per month!).

✵ And it makes manifestation magic as practical as the rest of your life…just more sparkly.

✵ And all of this can happen in as little as 30 days or less even if you haven’t found your magic – YET – or have struggled to make positive change in the past.

What you get…

LIVE group coaching calls with Carrie to guide your journey so that you have personalized support and guidance. Recorded for your convenience.

{$997 value}

“The Modern Witch’s Guide to Abundance,” a comprehensive workbook and journal that will unlock the magic of manifestation so that you will become a manifesting sorceress!

{$57 value}

Teachings on the power and importance of energy, vibration, and frequency so that you can really dig into the science and spirit of manifestation magic.

{$47 value}

Lifetime access to a private Facebook group to gather with other witches for questions, community, and support.

{$197 value}

Plus, get these bonuses…

Teaching: Witchcraft for Space Healing

Become a space healing witch and create a home that is a supportive cauldron for your manifesting magic!

{$97 value}

Magical Hedge-Crossing Meditations

Receive powerful meditations that will teach you how to cross the hedge between the worlds so that you can move past limiting beliefs and become a witch confident in her manifesting powers!

{$37 value}

In 4 weeks, you will work through my unique signature system:

The Witch’s Spiral of Manifestation

Week 1

Begin the Spiral by clearly identifying the energies you want to manifest so that you can align with your magic.

Week 2

Move up the Spiral by releasing limiting beliefs that are standing in your way so that you can step into your true potential and happiness.

Week 3

Continue up the Spiral by expanding into an energy of abundance so that you can set powerful, effective intentions for manifesting your desires.

Week 4

Complete the Spiral by coming into mutual, co-creative relationship with the universe and create a connected plan of action to move forward in manifesting magic.








What People Are Saying

“I have much to learn, but I am so happy to be on this path. I don’t think I would have gotten here if it weren’t for you. You have no idea how much I greatly value the presence you’ve had in my life…You’re an inspiration.”


“You have brought so much magic into my life. I am grateful for your blessings.”


“I believe I can truly credit Carrie’s guidance with helping me manifest the love of my life. I can attest that she is 100% down to earth, relatable, inspiring, and wise! Grateful!”


“You have all the tools you need to manifest a life that you love. You just need to learn how to unlock your magic.”

Carrie Pitzulo, Creator of The Modern Witch’s Way to Abundance

This All Sounds Great But…

Do I have to have any prior knowledge or experience to participate in The Modern Witch's Way to Abundance?

No, not at all. Whether you are new to witchy manifestation magic, or have explored it before, The Modern Witch’s Way is for everyone. You just have to want to bring positive change to your life.

Will I be able to manifest anything I want during these 4 weeks?

You can manifest anything you want (Carrie manifested a meeting with Bruce Springsteen. Really.), but the timing is up to you and the universe. The faster you shift into manifestation mode, the faster you will attract your desires. What Carrie can promise is that if you follow her plan, you will see positive, joyful shifts in your overall mindset, emotions, and attitude while you are waiting for your desires to manifest – in fact, that’s how this magic works!

What if I’m not ready to take responsibility for my happiness and power?

Then The Modern Witch’s Way to Abundance isn’t for you. 

What areas of life does The Modern Witch's Way to Abundance address?

All of them.

What if I change my mind about the program?

All sales are final. But, if at the end of the program, you don’t feel equipped to move forward with your manifesting magic, Carrie will continue to coach you through the group’s private Facebook page until you feel confident. 








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