Tarot is the art of intuitively reading cards to gain insight into everyday questions about life. The cards can help us determine the best way to proceed on a job project, or with a love interest. They can illuminate perspectives that we had not considered, or show us how to avoid pitfalls. 

The cards tap into the wisdom of our unconscious, our higher selves, our dreams, to light the way to understanding.

And don’t worry – the cards won’t say you are going to die on Tuesday. It’s not like that. There is nothing scary about it! It’s simply a way of tapping into the energies that surround you. You can read more about this question here.

All you have to do is submit your question and Carrie will email you a detailed, thorough narrative with pictures of your cards. It’s that easy. And if you are interested in a reading, but don’t know what to ask, that’s ok! You can request a general energy reading.

Readings are available for clarity, confidence, and insight into your relationships, career, ancestral connection, or anything at all! On a budget? Get a 3-card spread to answer your burning question! Just click below and scroll for options! 

Carrie is available for remote readings, and locally in northern Colorado.

OMG Carrie, this reading is spot on in the, ‘This all makes a ton of sense and is totally relevant’ department. Thank you so much!!!!! All of these messages resonate, they are pertinent and they will definitely help me navigate the situation. You are so good! I’m going to recommend you and your website to anyone who asks me.” -Anastasia

Over the years, Carrie has helped me through various tough times. She’s done multiple tarot readings for me that have not only been spot-on and an accurate assessment of my situation, but much of what we have seen in the cards has come to fruition. Much like a therapist, Carrie brings an understanding of the human condition and compassion to the conversation. Her ability to express the cards and apply their suggestions to the situation is inspiring. Though she allows for interpretation of the cards, she speaks with total conviction, and in a sincere and direct way. Carrie has also guided me through some other difficult times by suggesting helpful meditations. I believe I can truly credit Carrie’s guidance during a difficult romantic situation with helping me manifest the love of my life.” -Robin

The reading was great. I am speechless.” -Elizabeth

I am baffled by what you can see through those cards.” -Mel

I want to convey how much I appreciate this reading. I could not believe how ‘right on’ it feels as I read it. I am quite amazed, actually!! It is very much confirms how I have been feeling. I can’t thank you enough.” – Stacey

All I have to say is wow! The reading was awesome.” -Carolyn

Thank you so much for this reading! It was AMAZING! Your interpretation of the reading was spot on!…It gave me so much to think about and meditate on.” -Monika


“I’m afraid the cards will tell me something bad, like I or a loved one will die, or that my future is bleak. Should I still get a reading?”

I promise there is nothing scary about the cards. I would never tell you that you or anyone you love will die. I don’t think I (or any other tarot reader) have access to that information. I think we only receive information that we can act on and that will help us on our journey.

In a traditional tarot deck, there is a “Death” card. But it doesn’t mean you will die. I’ve gotten it many, many times and I’m still here. It means significant change, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The deck I use is based on the traditional tarot, but doesn’t use the same terms. So you won’t even see the “Death” card in a reading with me.

As far as the future, we all have free will. You have power and nothing is set in stone. The cards will give you an idea of the direction you are headed in this moment. If you don’t like the outcome you see in the cards, you can change it.

We all have ups and downs in our lives. So some cards may suggest downs – like boredom, sadness, or confusion. Some cards may suggest ups – like celebration, achievement, or love. Usually, there is a combination of the ups and downs, just like in life.

PRO TIP: Still interested, but nervous? Test the waters with an oracle reading. Oracle cards are similar to tarot, but do not follow a traditional format and typically offer only positive images and messages. 🙂 

“How will we do the reading?”

You will purchase a reading and submit your question(s) at that time. Then, within a few days, I’ll email you a detailed, thorough reading with pictures of your cards. I’ll explain the meaning of the cards themselves, as well as the meaning of their positions. I’ll explain the details to you, as well as the big, overarching themes and repeating patterns. You are welcome to then email me any follow up questions you may have.

“I have no idea what to ask.”

That’s ok! You can just ask for a general energy reading. In that case, the cards will tell us what significant energies are present in your life and in what direction you are headed (remember, you can always change this if you don’t like it!). If you do have a particular issue in mind, such as your love life, work, finances, family, etc., you can ask for insight about that particular issue. Just be sure to keep the question open-ended, because the cards tell a detailed story. So avoid yes/no questions.

I find it helpful to have a timeline for resolution or shift in mind as you ask your question. For instance, if you are asking about a situation at work, consider a timeline for change, such as, “How will this situation play out over the next three months?” Or “What will the situation in my romantic life be like in the next few weeks?” This is not necessary, but we will come to a conclusion in the narrative detailed in the cards. It’s helpful for you to have a timeline in mind if I say, “When you get to the end of this phase…” Then you’ll know when that is.

NOTE: Energies shift and change all the time. So while you may be on one trajectory now, your direction may very well change. I advise that you not ask the cards to tell you about a timeline farther out than about a year. While it’s possible to ask for a longer span of time, again, our direction often changes. So asking about the next five or ten years might not be helpful.

“How do you know this stuff about me?!”

I don’t know anything about you. I believe the cards “know” because your higher consciousness and my higher consciousness are working together to draw particular cards that tell your story. I then interpret the cards based on my long relationship with them and based on my own intuition. Beyond that, it’s just magic!

“Can you teach me how to do this?”

Yes! I have an easy-to-understand introductory online course available that will tell you all you need to know to get started. Email me if you’d like to learn more.

"Are you available for workshops or parties?"

Yes! Just email me with the details of your request or questions.

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