Spiral UP: Manifest the Best YOU in 2022  Live Teaching Series

Go from self-doubt, burn out, and checked out…to powerful, magical, and loving life – and yourself – with these simple mindset shifts!

Nov. 29 – Dec. 1

@ 12:30pm EST/10:30am MST/9:30am PST









Presented by Carrie Pitzulo, Founder of Ancient Magic, Modern Living

In this 3-day live teaching series, you’ll learn

the fundamentals of magical manifestation so

that you can make 2022 YOUR year!


Move past the fluff and woo of the gurus to learn the universal laws that determine how manifestation works in a down-to-earth, relatable way so that you can finally make this magic work for you!


Learn exactly how to align your energy with the energy of your desires for powerful manifestation so that you can become a magnet for goodness and success!


Discover the common mistakes that people make when doing manifestation magic so that you never again miss out on the abundance that is your birthright.


Learn how to embody the energy of manifestation not only to attract your desires…but to feel GREAT about your life right now!

Nov. 29 – Dec. 1 @ 12:30pm EST/10:30am MST/9:30am PST

Grab your spot! It’s FREE!

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hello! I’m Carrie, your Magical Transformation Teacher! I have a Ph.D. in women’s history and have taught hundreds of students over nearly 20 years. After spending a career generating and sharing knowledge of women’s past, I’ve shifted to applying that knowledge to women’s present.

I am trained in witchcraft, shamanism, and energy magic, and am a certified feng shui consultant. I’ve weaved together these diverse – but overlapping – perspectives to create my own unique approach to magic and spiritual development.

My people become empowered to claim their voice, power, and magic in a matter of weeks (or even days!).

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