Now that the holidays are over, we can settle into a stillness before the early wakings of spring (they are not as far as they seem). This season asks us to prioritize self-care more than any other. 

We are past the days of winter celebration, when we pushed back against the domineering darkness with twinkling lights and gifts. But we are not yet able to grasp the first buds and shoots that will emerge in only a matter of weeks.

We are in the long between.

Between the dying of autumn and the birth of spring.

What this time asks of us is the graciousness to allow ourselves the same space of rest, contemplation, and pause. Self-care should be something that you insist upon for yourself, and for your loved ones. Because you can’t pour from an empty cup. This is what winter teaches. 

Soon – even amidst the continuing winter weather – the energy will begin to shift. The days are growing longer. Life, contrary to all outward appearances, wants to return. It will return. But for now, we sit in the sacred void of before

So what I invite you to embrace is…nothing. The whole, potent nothingness that is necessary for creation. 

Or maybe it’s spaciousness. That expanding, fullness of peace and contentedness, knowing that all is well. 

Knowing that you don’t have to work to bring back the light, the life, because it’s already on its way. Knowing that all it takes is a few slow, deep breaths to connect with your own inner stillness, your own inner void of creation.

Doing nothing can be a most sacred form of self-care. Because when we are within our own creative void, we open space for new ideas, insights, and inspiration. But those energies cannot come through if we stuff our minds, bodies, and schedules to the brim.

It is safe to rest.

It’s right to rest. 

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