Recently, while doing some meditative work, I received the message that part of what I can offer people is the idea that fulfilling spiritual connection can happen without changing anything in your life. Sort of. Your finances don’t need to change. Your lifestyle doesn’t need to change. You don’t need a degree. You don’t need to become a monk or a priestess. You just need to shift your internal perspective, shift your heart space. When we do this, a world of gratitude, magic, and love opens up to us. We just have to be willing to look at it, embrace it, and allow it in.

This is the power of spirituality outside of most organized religion. We don’t need anyone to mediate for us or give us permission. We don’t need to go anywhere (like a mosque, church, or synagogue). Earth-based spiritual practice teaches us that the divine is everywhere – in us and around us. That means that all of the support of the universe is available inside us. Wow! So simple and so beautiful.

But this wasn’t actually news to me, and I – or my guides or whomever sent me that message – am not the first person to offer this idea. “It’s all within you” – we hear this a lot. But it’s hard to imagine until you learn it for yourself. For instance, not long after I began on this path, a friend experienced a devastating loss. When I heard the awful news, I fell apart. I cried all morning, imagining what she was going through and fearing it for myself. So I went into meditation and asked my guides to give me a message of comfort. They were silent. Instead they wrapped their arms around me and held me as I cried. At first, I was aggravated because they didn’t seem to give me what I asked for. But then I realized that they were, indeed, comforting me. Their love and strength was passed on to me wordlessly and I felt better and was able to get on with my day. It was all inside of me.

So this was a lovely message to be reminded of and to be guided to offer to others. Then I realized all over again the power of this truth – because I’ve not been living it. For a while now, I’ve been caught in a seemingly endless loop of second-guessing major life decisions, looking backward, imagining that if only this would change, or that would occur in the future, then I’d be fulfilled.

But the reality is that I am overwhelmed with blessing and good fortune. How do I get myself off of this rat wheel of self-judgment and lack of presence?

Of course, just because the truth is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. It is a shift in perspective, a shift in heart space, but that takes work. Instead of letting my attention continually fall backward to the past or forward into the future – neither of which actually exist – I need to do the work of coming back to center. To look at what’s in front of me, and rather than endless questioning and imagining, focus on endless gratitude. That’s when the magic happens, and it’s all right there inside of me.

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