Intention is everything. Intentions are the messages, plans, and directions we send out to the universe with our every thought – and make no mistake, the universe listens. Intentions dictate our personal level of vibration, including higher frequencies, like those of love, compassion, and generosity, or lower frequencies, such as fear, jealousy, and rage. Our intentions are determined by our thoughts and feelings, even if we don’t outwardly express them. They determine our reality, because like attracts like. We not only get what we give, but we get what we are.

Most of us are not conscious of the messages that we send out with our thoughts and feelings. If we believe that we are powerless at work, we will continue to be met with overbearing colleagues who demean and exploit us. But if we know, without a doubt, that we are valuable members of the team, as worthy as anyone at our organization, we will find ourselves in a position of respect and authority, and may even see a promotion come our way! Our co-workers may not be mind readers, but we all unconsciously pick up on these vibes and react to them.

We can change our place in the world – including how others see us, our level of success, and any other area of concern – when we set the intention to do so. Sending a new signal to the universe allows our frequency to change, and everything else falls into place. It’s both easy and difficult to do. Setting an intention, such as bringing in more money, is as simple as knowing that you are capable and worthy of greater wealth and abundance. But this must be a visceral knowing, not a mere intellectual exercise (although fake-it-till-you-make-it is a fine place to start). And it must be made in the present tense, “I am wealthy,” rather than “I want to become wealthy.” The present tense shifts our vibration to a mode of having rather than wanting, which implies lack. Remember, we attract what we are. Wanting what we do not have only attracts more of the same – not having it. You must shift your mindset to an appreciation of all of the wealth, in its many forms, that you already have, and think and act as if you already have everything you could ever need.

The real challenge in setting an intention is having utter faith that the universe will provide for you, and then let go of the outcome because the universe can offer so much more than you can imagine for yourself.

For instance, say you are hoping for a raise at work. By setting a simple intention for more wealth and then leaving it up to the universe to bring it to you for the highest good of all (a valuable clarifying phrase to tack onto any intention – you don’t want to attain wealth through a settlement for a bad car accident!), you may instead receive an unexpected windfall that allows you to quit your unsatisfying job and pursue your dream of entrepreneurship.

Intentions, the life contracts that we carry at birth, and feng shui combine to shape our path in this lifetime, but feng shui also relies on our intention. When we shift the energy of our spaces, we set the intention that our homes will be filled with love, comfort, abundance, and the like.

By aligning our intentions with our highest good, we are open, flexible, and ready to receive.

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