Two things, seemingly entirely unrelated: First, my daughter is obsessed with weird little toys called Hatchimals. She just got some new Hatchimals for Easter, and she was especially happy with them because they were all translucent. She’s also obsessed with translucent things. I have no idea why. I don’t know where she learned that word (she’s almost four), but translucent anything makes her very happy. Almost as quickly as she got her new Hatchimals, she lost one of them in our backyard. Think large backyard, one-inch toy. The chances of finding it?

Second thing: I’m exhausted. I’m getting over being sick. I attempted to meditate today for the first time in a while and felt really out of practice. For some reason, I got depressed and, even though I know better, questioned if I’d ever get my spiritual groove back.

Today, a couple of days after losing the Hatchimal, my daughter finally informed me that it was gone. I was outside in the cold, in my pajamas, at 6:30am looking for the thing. No dice. I worried about it all day (probably more than she did) and set out again in the afternoon when it was warmer I was wearing a bra. I made a half-hearted plea to whomever was listening to guide me to the toy. But I thought about how crummy I felt and wondered how I could possibly connect enough to receive guidance. Then all of a sudden, I became very present to my vision, which seemed like magic itself. My eyes felt like incredible tools, the ability to see an unimaginable gift. Moments before, I worried that I’d spend the entire afternoon on a fruitless search. But now I figured it was actually really cool to be able to use my utterly normal, but practically bionic, eyes to scan my backyard.

Within seconds, I spotted the Hatchimal.

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I don’t think so. As I looked for the tiny toy, I wondered how I could possibly receive guidance when I felt so low. With that sincere question, I got an answer – gratitude and presence. I felt so grateful for the gift of my vision, and that gratitude made me very present, which then made it possible to be led effortlessly to the toy.

It’s a lovely reminder: when you need to get your witchy back, when you’re struggling to connect, it’s the simplest things – gratitude and presence – that are the most magical.

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