Happy Full Moon! 

This is the first full moon of the year and it is in Cancer. 

Full moons are about illumination of truth, intuition, and dreaming. So you may find these faculties extra strong or vivid. Since the moon is at its zenith, it will soon begin to let go and move into its waning phase. 

So should you. 

What do you need to let go of? 

Cancer draws attention to our emotions. What emotional baggage are you still carrying? What negativity is still clouding your emotional body? 

While we can make the meaning of new starts at the winter solstice or the new year, we can do the same during the early February sabbat of Imbolc, which is just around the corner! Imbolc is when we see the very first hints of spring (you may have to look closely, but they are there!). Energetically, it’s a great time to start over. 

So this moon is another chance – because the cosmos is full of them – to let go of what no longer serves you before the new beginning that will soon peek out from tree branches and longer days. 

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