We know it’s coming before it arrives. The world around us hints that autumn is near, no matter the still seemingly long days of warmth and light.  The fall equinox – when light and dark are equal – is September 21-22. Then the dark will grow and dominate until the light is again reborn on the winter solstice. For many pagans, the equinox is a harvest festival known as Mabon. It is a time to give thanks, honor the balance of day and night, and to think about how we might embrace greater temperance and moderation in our own lives. The equinox is also a great time to consider balancing the spaces around you.

Central to feng shui is yin and yang. These are the complimentary energies at the heart of all existence. Yin is the dark, passive, internal, receptive feminine energy. Yang is the light, active, external, creative masculine energy. Both must be present and balanced for harmony, whether it is in our bodies, our lives, or our homes. In the northern hemisphere, we are entering the time of yin – of dying, rest, and darkness – after the growth and activity of spring and summer. But this is not something to fear. It is necessary for the cycle of life to begin again next year. We can be productive, but without a period of recuperation we burn out. Each contribution is vital.

So it is in our homes. Look around your house or apartment and notice the rooms that seem really energized – where you have high ceilings, lots of natural light, or bright vibrant colors. These yang spaces help us to be social, creative, and productive. Or is your home primarily yin, with dark wood, lots of books, and big, comfy chairs? In that case, your space is probably cozy, and the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea on a chilly fall day.  Neither is “better” than the other, but it is important to have elements of both yin and yang in your home, otherwise imbalance occurs.

If you have trouble sleeping and are unable to sit still, you may need to bring in more yin. Consider creating an inviting room for rest and contemplation, or purchase a warm, fuzzy throw and some dark, textured pillows for your sofa. On the other hand, if you find yourself lonely and lethargic, open your home to yang energy. Decorate an area in white or bright colors and include lots of light (natural or artificial). Balance in light and dark, in the earth’s cycles, as well as in our own homes, brings harmony, health, and abundance.

Blessed Mabon!

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