If the coming of Valentine’s Day leaves you with a sense of dread or disappointment, spend some time shifting the energy of your bedroom. Feng shui can help if you are looking for a romantic partner, or are hoping to reignite the passion in an existing relationship. Even if you are happily single but want to experience greater self-love and joie-de-vivre, a few simple changes in your bedroom might be just what you need.

·      Clean and declutter: This is rule #1 for any feng shui remedy. If you can’t breathe easily in your bedroom, then you know the energy isn’t moving.

·      Your bedroom should only be used for rest, relaxation, and sex. No work. No exercise. No kids’ toys.

·      All décor should symbolize partnership, love, romance, and passion. That means images and objects should be in pairs – two birds, two candles, two hearts, etc. Remove anything that symbolizes the numbers one and three, which denote singleness and love triangles, respectively.

·      Do not display pictures of friends, family, or children in your bedroom. If you have a partner, all personal photographs should be of the two of you.

·      What makes you think of romance? A beach at sunset, the Eiffel Tower, red roses? Bring that in. Pink traditionally denotes love, and red suggests passion, but if another color really speaks to you, feel free to use that.

·      Make your bed as inviting as possible, with luxurious pillows and bedding. If you want to be there, someone else will, too!

·      Both sides of your bed need to be accessible, and you should have two nightstands. They don’t have to match exactly, but they should be approximately the same weight and height. Set up both with lamps, and avoid clutter. The idea is to make your bed ready for your partner to dive into right now.

·      In general, mirrors should not face your bed. If at all possible, the bed should face the door, but not be directly in front of it. Regardless of your relationship status, this will help create calm, yin energy, which is what you need for a good night’s sleep.

If you make some of these changes, with the intention that you are inviting in love, passion, and romance, the energy of your bedroom – and your life – will shift in that direction.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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