Monday, March 20, marks the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. The spring equinox, or Ostara to many pagans, brings in a fresh, new energy. In most places, the first flowers of the season are blooming and the day is definitely longer, if not always much warmer. The long winter has come to a close, and the wheel turns again.

This is a great time to think about shifting the energy in your home. Doing so can impart a sense of vitality and optimism to your day. While most of us think about spring cleaning – itself an important way to move energy – there are some simple feng shui techniques that can help.

The front door is considered the “mouth” of energy into your home. This is where much energy flows – or doesn’t flow – into your life. Even if you regularly use a side or garage entry, the front door is an important invitation to auspicious energy, so it shouldn’t be neglected.

·      Make sure the area surrounding the front door, inside and out, is clean and free of clutter. Remove cobwebs and dust. The door should open easily and fully without shoes, bags, or anything else getting in the way. Everything, including the doorbell, should work properly.

·      If you usually enter from the garage or another door, start using the front entry regularly to get the mail or go for walks. The energy of this spot needs to be moving if you want an abundance of opportunity to enter your life.

·      The front door should be inviting to visitors. Jazz it up with a welcoming color – red is traditional, but feel free to use what appeals to you. Hang a “welcome” sign and be sure your house number is visible to guests. If a stranger approaches your home and isn’t sure where the front door is, then supportive energy won’t find you, either.

·      When guests come through the door, it should be clear where you want them to go. If they hesitate and aren’t sure whether to go to the left or right, then energy will stagnate. Direct visitors with a rug or lighting.

·      Decorate the entryway with pictures or objects that signal joy, abundance, or whatever you want to welcome into your home.

Your front door is an important center of your home’s energy. Be sure it represents all of the good things you want in your life!

Happy Spring! Blessed Ostara!

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