About Me

Magical Transformation Teacher

I have a Ph.D., and am a former-academic-turned-professional-witch. I may look like an ordinary, middle-aged (shut your mouth!) mom in the carpool line. And that’s true.

But I also help women overcome feeling uninspired, unhappy, and decidedly unmagical (or so they think), to become shining, empowered, magical manifesters…all while being grounded in the real world.

My people discover the world is more sparkly than they realized.

As an academic and Magical Transformation Teacher, I’ve appeared in POLITICO,NPR, BBC, CBC, AMAZON PRIME VIDEO, THE WILD HUNT and other media outlets. I’m also the author of Bachelors and Bunnies: The Sexual History of Playboy.

I share my space with my human, animal, and spirit family in northern Colorado.

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