Metaphysical practitioners talk about the Earth’s ascension to a higher consciousness. That is, the vibration of the entire plant – all of us – is rising. This is a positive development in our human evolution because higher vibrations encompass realities of love, compassion, and understanding. Lower vibrations are associated with experiences of pain, anger, hate, and other unpleasantries. But it’s a rough process. Think of the caterpillar metamorphosing into the butterfly – it can’t be easy, but it’s so worth it.

The fear and chaos we see erupting in much of the world are a reaction to this shift. Beings of lower vibration (I’m looking at you, Mr. Trump) resist evolution to a higher consciousness because it’s not them, it doesn’t fit where they are in their own personal evolution. It’s uncomfortable; they fear it. So they react. They scream. They fight. And darkness seems to engulf us.

Except that there is another step in this process, and that is the expansion of Light in response to the chaos. Things will probably get worse before they get better. But the emergence of so much hatred and anger ignites an awakening that overcomes these lower frequencies, bending the arc of the moral universe ever closer to true justice.

This evolution ushers in a new age of the Divine Feminine, an era in which the old ways of patriarchy – greed, destruction, inequality, exploitation – dissolve in favor of more compassion, cooperation, care for ourselves, each other, and our planet. This may seem hard to believe when we turn on the news. But it all makes sense if we consider the narrative of planetary spiritual evolution.

Consider the hundreds of marches held in the U.S. and around the world in response to the Trump inauguration. His election seems like the triumph of chaos, but then millions of awakened women and men rise up and demand something better. Justice. Equality. Compassion. Care for our Earth home. The Light isn’t losing; it just needs an opportunity flex its muscles and show us what it can do. And we must accept the challenge.

On February 2, many Americans will observe Groundhog Day in hopes that the critter will signal an early spring. This tradition is based on ancient festivals that marked the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, most often remembered as the Celtic celebration of Imbolc. The holiday welcomes the first hints of spring, although in a practical sense it still seems a long way off for most of us. But if you look closely, you can see it is true. The first tiny buds really are there. The winter is long, but new life is emerging.

So it is in our journey to a higher consciousness. The women’s protests, which were widely noted for their peace, positivity, and lack of violence, are some of the buds of a new world. But they must be tended. We must nurture the Goddess energy that so many of us experienced marching in the streets with our sisters and brothers. The light will lengthen, and the days will warm long before this urgent spiritual battle is won. The Earth turns on her wheel, but we humans cannot passively await the dawn of a new society. We must call it in with continued action and resistance. We must not succumb to the fear that this darkness is the end of the story.

The Light will win. The spring will return. The Goddess is rising. But we must do our part to help Her along.

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