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Live with joy and authenticity

Unleash your inner witch and go from self-doubt, burn out, and checked out to confident, happy and living a life you love…even if you’ve tried all the woo-woo guru tricks before and still couldn’t find your magic. This power resides within. It’s just waiting for you to discover it. All in a down-to-earth, relatable way!


The stress and demands of modern life weigh heavily…schedules, work, family, relentless information, and negative news cycles.


It’s easy to go on auto-pilot, missing out on the meaning of your life and losing your power, your purpose…yourself.

For women who struggle to have it all, be it all, do it all – for everyone but themselves.


What you don’t have, what our fast-paced, materialist culture denies, is…

…true CONNECTION to your authentic self, loved ones, spirit, to the world around you.

But when you rediscover this sacred relationship, you step into your inherent power and wisdom.

You have the confidence to make decisions that are aligned with your highest good because you trust in your path.

Your relationships become fulfilling and sustaining because you are secure in yourself.

You overcome anxiety because you live from a place of peace and trust.

You have more to contribute because your own cup is filled by an infinite well of energy, abundance, and love.

Unleash your inner witch and discover the ancient wisdom within…

Connect with your intuition so that you can move forward with confidence in any area of your life.

Make better decisions at work, home, and in relationships, knowing you are acting from a place of wisdom and calm.

Learn the powerful magic of manifestation to attract abundance, success and goodness.

Align your energy with the vibration of your desires and create a life you love.

Unlock the power of presence and connection to slow down, live consciously, and in greater peace.

Expand time as you fully inhabit each moment of your life. Find greater strength and acceptance in challenging times, and greater joy in good times.

Discover the magic of living in alignment with the world around you so that you can feel vital, connected, and inspired.

The ancients knew the power and wisdom of living in partnership with the natural world. Learn the lessons that the earth and moon want to teach you.

A modern witch is grounded and engaged in the real world, but lives in embodied power, confidence and self-worth, connection, inner knowing, and purpose.


I’m Carrie

I’m an academic, mom, and Magical Transformation Teacher!

I have a Ph.D. in women’s history and have taught hundreds of students over nearly 20 years. After spending a career generating and sharing knowledge of women’s past, I’ve shifted to applying that knowledge to women’s present.

Both of these paths – the study of history and spiritual empowerment – reflect my passion for locating women’s voices and uncovering the inherent power that is often denied by our culture.

I am trained in witchcraft, shamanism, and energy magic, and am a certified feng shui consultant. I’ve weaved together these diverse – but overlapping – perspectives to create my own unique approach to magic and spiritual development.

The women in my community become empowered to claim their voice, power, and magic in a matter of weeks (or even days!).

What I Do

Tarot Reading

Accurate, insightful readings are available to get to the heart of your questions and concerns. 

Courses in Witchcraft and Intuitive Development

Online courses in moon magic, energy & vibration, eco-spirituality, crystals, and more!

Manifestation Coaching

Coaching in energetic alignment to manifest your best life…and best YOU.


"I have much to learn, but I am so happy to be on this path. I don’t think I would have gotten here if it weren’t for you. You have no idea how much I greatly value the presence you’ve had in my life…You’re an inspiration.”


"Ancient Magic, Modern Living lives up to it’s name! It’s been an easy way to learn about powerful practices that are designed to be seamlessly applied into daily living. My heavy heart has lightened with this positive experience and Carrie brings her own magic that is filled with wisdom, love, and light."


"You have brought so much magic into my life. I am grateful for your blessings."


"Being a part of this group has been such a great experience! The coursework offers fantastic tools to invite awareness and celebration around the magic of nature into everyday life. It's also a great way to keep track of the lunar phases and start noticing how the moon affects each of us personally!"


"Carrie offers a tremendous opportunity to seekers who want to explore goddess and earth based spirituality. Although I have participated in new moon circles in the past, this course has offered me so much more...as well as flexibility to really work at my own pace based on what’s best for me."


"FANTASTIC presentation! I really enjoyed it. You made the topic so accessible for anyone. Super clear, well-organized, concise but so full of actionable content. It's the best intro to personal intuitive guidance I've ever seen. And the meditation was really lovely -- your induction was excellent and well-moderated -- I easily entered a trance state.”

Irina, Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Spiritual Consultant

“I’ve been meaning to send you a thank you card in the mail. I thought for the longest time that I was nuts and never listened to my intuition. Now I listen to everything and anything it tells me. It’s helping a lot to guide me to where I’m supposed to be. I don’t make any moves until my gut says so….We are way more powerful than we know. I’m glad I finally learned to trust myself…I’m trying to teach this to my daughter now, too.”


"Carrie has done multiple tarot readings for me that have not only been spot-on and an accurate assessment of my situation, but much of what we have seen in the cards has come to fruition. Much like a therapist, Carrie brings an understanding of the human condition and compassion to the conversation. Her ability to express the cards and apply their suggestions to the situation is inspiring. I believe I can truly credit Carrie's guidance during a difficult romantic situation with helping me manifest the love of my life."



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